7/8 Inch To Mm?

Is 7/8 the same as 15mm?

15mm = almost 19/32 inch. 16mm = 5/8 inch. 21mm = just over 13/16 inch. 22mm = almost 7/8 inch.

What is 7 8 inch on a ruler?

The 1/8 of an inch marks are the smaller marks found directly in between the 1/4 of an inch marks on the ruler. Between 0 and 1 inch, there are marks that denote 1/8, 1/4 (or 2/8), 3/8, 1/2 (or 4/8), 5/8, 6/8 (or 3/4), 7/8, and 1 (or 8/8) of an inch. In total, there are 96 of these marks on a 12 inch ruler.

What is 15mm in standard?

15mm. Just short of 5/8 Inch. 0.59055 Inches. 16mm.

Will a 1.4 socket fit a 32mm nut?

FYI: 32mm and 1 1/4 wrench are the same.

What is SAE size?

SAE sockets are sized in inches and fractions of inches. Metric and SAE wrenches have different systems of measurement. Metric sockets and wrenches use the metric measurement system. This is when millimeters are used to describe the size. So you’d get a 20mm wrench in the metric unit of measurement.

How much inches is 7 feet?

Answer: There are 84 inches in 7 feet.

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