Don’t Starve Together Mods?

Don’t Starve Together: The 12 Best Mods

  1. 1 Waiter 101. Link to mod.
  2. 2 Wilson’s Cabin. Link to mod.
  3. 3 Storm Cellar. Link to mod.
  4. 4 Geometric Placement. Link to mod.
  5. 5 Fish Day. Link to mod.
  6. 6 Chocolate + Link to mod.
  7. 7 Better Moon. Link to mod.
  8. 8 Beefalo Milk. Link to mod.

Does don’t starve together have mods?

Don’t Starve Together In DST, there are three kinds of mods: client-only, which are enabled by each player individually and used on any server. These usually make changes to the interface, and do not change the game for other players. server-only, which are enabled by the host of a server.

How do you mod don’t starve together?

Highlight Don’t Starve Together in your Steam games library and click on “Browse Steam Workshop” above the “Recent News” to the right of your game library. Find and click on the mod you want to use; click on the “+ Subscribe” button in the mod’s page to add the game to your game’s mod folder.

How do I install mods for don’t starve?

Find the mod that you want to install, click on the “Download” button to download the mod files. Run your Don’t Starve Standalone client and click on “Mods ” on the main menu. Activate the mod you want to use by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the mod. Click on “OK” to apply the changes; play the game!

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Can you get banned in don’t starve together?

If players do cause trouble on your server, you can ban them from connecting to your Don’t Starve Together in the future. You can do this through admin commands, or by creating (or editing) a file called blocklist.

What mods should I get for don’t starve together?


  • GLOBAL POSITIONS by rezecib.
  • MINIMAP HUD by squeek.
  • LESS LAGS by Astro.
  • 50 SAVESLOTS by tekture.

What are the best don’t starve together mods?

Don’t Starve Together: The 12 Best Mods

  • 8 Beefalo Milk.
  • 7 Better Moon.
  • 6 Chocolate +
  • 5 Fish Day.
  • 4 Geometric Placement.
  • 3 Storm Cellar.
  • 2 Wilson’s Cabin.
  • 1 Waiter 101.

How do you make it look better in don’t starve?

If your game’s textures, characters, and environments are blurry or looks like it is being displayed at a lower resolution, disable the Netbook and/or Small Textures Mode for your game. To do that: on your game’s main menu, click on Options, then switch Small Textures or Netbook Mode to “Disabled”.

How do you play don’t starve together with friends?

How to set up a multiplayer server in Don’t Starve Together

  1. From the main menu Play -> Host Server.
  2. Set up your server name and password.
  3. Choose if you want it to be for friends only or everybody can join your server.
  4. Set up a number of players you want to play with.
  5. Set a server type to LAN.
  6. Click Create Server.
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What is a dedicated server DST?

A Dedicated Server is an optimized version of Don’t Starve Together (DST) that has been designed to be run for longer periods of time, with none of the graphical overhead.

How do you kick someone from DST?

Network/Server Commands Once you’ve found the number of the player you want to kick (as shown above in the Other Player Commands section), you can use AllPlayers[#].

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