Exos Heroes Tier List?

Who is the best character in Exos Heroes?

With proper builds and playstyle, there is no denying that these heroes are the most overpowered options in the entire game.

  • Dorka.
  • Rera (The First Guardian)
  • Bathory (Forgotten Memory)
  • Jinai (Supreme Queen)
  • Talia (Prophet of the Sun)
  • Tantalo (Banga Family)

Is Rera good Exos Heroes?

A tank buster through and through, Fatecore Rera is definitely worth the pull. Her abilities and debuffs are what makes her powerful and she doesn’t rely on gear or raw stats.

Is awakened Zeon good Exos Heroes?

However, what makes Zeon a solid choice for all players is that he is free, he has a First Guardian fatecore, and he is a viable choice for both PVP and PVE content. If you are free to play, maxing his Unleashed Potential tree will make him even stronger, giving him more value as an attack type for awakening.

How do you awaken Exos Heroes?

To summarize the requirements for Awakening:

  1. The hero must be blessed to a maximum 6-star grade.
  2. The hero must be enhanced to a maximum +5 level.
  3. The hero must be equipped with 5 pieces of level 60 or greater fated equipment, weapon excluded.
  4. Fated equipment will be consumed when awakening and will not be recoverable.

Who is the best healer in Exos Heroes?

Anastasia is the best healer in Exos Heroes. She has a huge pool of abilities that carry a vast array of healing properties, which every party simply must use to their advantage.

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What is fate core Exos Heroes?

Fatecore are characters and costumes in Exos Heroes. They can be obtained as rewards from events and can be purchased with in-game currency. Fatecore have their own enhancements separate from the character they are based on.

Is Baraka good Exos heroes?

Baraka / MACHINE / ATTACKER Barka is an attack speed monster! His evasion rate is also through the roof, making him an ideal character for PvP. He is best paired with Rachel as their abilities synergize well and help offset his low HP and DEF stats.

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