FAQ: Genshin Impact Noelle Build?

Is Noelle good in Genshin impact?

Genshin Impact’s Noelle is one of the best 4-star all-rounder characters with Geo vision. Noelle’s talents allow her to defend against enemy attacks using a shield, attack by converting DEF stats to ATK stats, heal HP, and much more.

How old is Noelle?

Noelle is a 15-year-old girl with a slender build and pink eyes.

Is Noelle rare?

While Noelle technically isn’t free, per se, she’s a guaranteed drop during your first 10-set pull from the Beginner’s Banner, only available to new players. With the fates given to you, she has an opportunity cost more than anything. She’s got a two-handed sword, an ability which provides a shield, and an AEO smash.

Is Noelle better than Zhongli?

Moreover, Noelle has DEF bonus stat when she level up and Zhongli has Geo dmg bonus when he level up. In my personal opinion, Zhongli is better as a shield support because his shield can last 20 sec and has 12 sec cooldown, when Noelle has 12 sec duration and 24 sec cooldown.

Is Noelle C6 good?

Besides, C6 Noelle is great and worth to build up since she’s in the perfect balance between offensive and defensive strategy. Of course you can choose to play a much better dps with more emphasis on more damage.

What Claymore is good for Noelle?

The best weapon for Noelle is the Whiteblind claymore, since it means Normal and Charged Attacks increase both ATK and DEF for six seconds. This effect can stack up to four times, which makes it especially great.

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Is Noelle good with the Unforged?

The best Genshin Impact Noelle build If you want to get fancy with Noelle then The Unforged is the way to go. This five-star claymore increases shield strength by 20%, but also grants an attack bonus of 4% for eight seconds every time you hit an opponent.

Is Noelle a support character?

Noelle can be a great support character for almost every main DPS, like Fischl, Hu Tao and more. She synergizes extremely well with other Geo based characters, like Zhongli. The Enduring Rock Elemental Resonance, boosts Shield strength but also damage while protected by a shield.

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