FAQ: Keqing Genshin Impact Build?

Is keqing good Genshin impact?

Keqing is one of the most powerful characters in the entire game, earning a high spot on our Genshin Impact tier list. This sword-wielding Electro character deals incredibly high damage against single targets, perfect to pit against high-level bosses.

What is best build for keqing?

The best Genshin Impact Keqing build

  • Electro DPS.
  • Weapon: Primordial Jade Cutter.
  • Artifact: Thundering Fury/Gladiator’s Finale.
  • Reaction DPS.
  • Weapon: Lion’s Roar.
  • Artifact: Thundering Fury.
  • Character.
  • Talent.

Is keqing good 2021?

Keqing is one of the fastest sword users in the game. Her quick Normal Attack deals a high of damage, along with quick movement that allows her to avoid enemy attacks. This makes her a strong Main DPS character that can hold her own in most fights.

Should I build keqing physical or electro?

The conversion of attacks to electro damage causes you to lose any %physdmg bonus. In addition, physical Keqing’s Q (Starward Sword) mainly serves to buff critical rate and act as an i-frame. The damage is significantly reduced compared to Electro Keqing.

Why is keqing bad?

Keqing is quite unappealing for a lot of people because her multiplier may seem too low to invest in. However, both Physical and Electro build actually have a rather insignificant difference where the damage output is quite similar to each other. So players should choose whichever build they like better.

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Is keqing hard to get?

Are you guaranteed to get Keqing in Genshin Impact? Not quite. You’re not guaranteed to get Keqing, even if you pull from her Banner.

Does keqing need crit rate?

At level 60/60 Keqing, your innate crit dmg should be 69.2%. This means that your optimal crit is 34.6%.

Is keqing better than razor?

Keqing is a much better Electro DPS compared to Razor, since she can temporarily imbued her normal attacks with Electro element, which will give a constant Electro DPS, and her burst is also deals Electro damage.

Is pale flame good for keqing?

After I tested with both sets of artifacts, I can say that my Keqing has gotten a lot stronger after switching to 4pc Pale Flame.

Is the Inazuma sword good for keqing?

Best characters for this sword include: With her ascension stat as CRIT DMG, using an ATK sword is also more viable. Keqing – Keqing as a Burst Electro DPS is rather viable and this weapon allows her to do just that. However, it might be overdoing Energy Recharge as her Ultimate only costs 40 Energy.

Is the Blackcliff longsword good?

There are many options for players to take advantage of, but one weapon stands out among them as a powerful sword for this 5-star cryo character. The Blackcliff Longsword is a sword that players can acquire through using their Masterless Starglitter, and it provides some great stats for Ayaka.

Can keqing hit weak points?

Giving Keqing a powerful artifact set and sword only helps to make her even more powerful. Keqing’s normal attack lets out five quick slashes that can easily knock back enemies. This move can be used to help hit enemies’ weak spots, knockdown flying enemies, or even get behind enemies that have shields.

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Can electro charged crit?

Electro-Charged damage is only affected by the level and Elemental Mastery of the character causing the reaction (and enemy elemental resistance). It ignores the target’s defense stat and the attacker’s attack stat, and it also cannot deal critical hits.

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