FAQ: Tux Of Math Command?

What can you do in Tux of Math Command?


  • Fun arcade-style math game.
  • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, negatives, and more!
  • NEW – multiplayer LAN competition.
  • Factoroids – learn factoring while blasting rocks floating in space!
  • Translations to over 40 languages.
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS-X, and Linux/Unix.

What is Tux Math answer?

Answer: Tux Math is an open source arcade – style video game for learning arithmetic.

Is eduActiv8 free software?

eduActiv8 is a free Open Source multi-platform educational application that aims to assist in learning various early education topics – from learning the alphabet and new words, colours, time to a wide range of maths-related subjects.

Is TuxMath software open?

TuxMath is an open source, free game whose difficulty is appropriate for students from elementary to high school, in other words, 7 to 13 years. TuxMath also offers a second, more advanced mode, where the asteroids are fractions you destroy by finding their common denominator.

How many different game modes are available in Tux Math?

When you click on the option to play the game alone, you’ll see a list of four options. These are four styles of game play. It’s important to understand that Tux of Math Command is generally built around the core activity of answering math questions.

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How TuxMath is useful in learning mathematics?

It helps the students to solve the problems by using mental aritmathics in a short time. The sounds in this program also very suitable for Level One students and make them happy when they play. The respondents discovered that TuxMath is useful, easy to apply, and provides a best learning outcomes.

Is eduactiv8 open source?

A free collection of interactive educational activities for the youngest. Initially, the application started as a personal project that over the years turned into a cross-platform, open-source, educational program for children that is used by thousands around the world.

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