How To Pronounce Clothes?

Do you pronounce the TH in clothes?

Pronunciation tips: There is NO “th” in the pronunciation of the word “clothes.” Say the vowel sound /o/ l-o-n-g-er.

What’s the correct pronunciation of clothes?

Cloths: aaw-ths. Or, cl-aaw-thz. Clothe: cl-ohuu-th, oh-uu-th. Clothes: ohuu-th-z, or, simply, oh-uu-z.

Is the silent in clothes?

1. Clothes – the “th” sound followed by an “s ” is very difficult even for native speakers. Pronounce this word just like the word “close” as in: “Please close the door.”

What is the difference between clothes and clothing?

Clothes /kləʊðz/ are things you wear, such as shirts, trousers, dresses, and coats. Clothing /ˈkləʊðɪŋ/ is the clothes people wear. You often use clothing to talk about particular types of clothes, for example, winter clothing or warm clothing. Clothing is an uncountable noun.

How many sounds are in clothes?

“Clothes” c-l-o-t-h-e-s is a rather frequent word in American English; it’s number 1,458 in the frequency dictionary, meaning there are only 1,457 words that are used more often in American English. Just like many of our highest-frequency words, native English speakers don’t really think about its pronunciation.

What’s the plural of clothes?

After all, it is simple to remember – “clothes ” refers to items you wear and is always used in plural, while “cloth” refers to a specific material and is only used in singular.

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Is clothes pronounced the same as close?

close as an adjective or noun is pronounced with a ssss sound, clossssse. Cloth has an O sound like the first letter of ‘on’ but clothes has an O sound like the word ‘oh’. Spoken normally, clothes contains the th sound.

What is word clothing?

plural noun. garments for the body; articles of dress; wearing apparel. bedclothes.

Are clothes and close homophones?

The word ‘clothes’ shares the same sound as the word ‘close’, thus making these words homophones.

How do you say shorts in British?

The British English term, short trousers, is used, only for shorts that are a short version of ordinary trousers (i.e., pants or slacks in American English).

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