Often asked: 1966 Fifa World Cup?

Are any of the 1966 World Cup winners still alive?

Since Flowers’ death, just Geoff Hurst, Bobby Charlton and George Cohen from the 1966 World Cup squad are still alive. 3

Who won the World Cup in 1966?

Only four members of the starting XI that day remain alive today in Sir Bobby Charlton, George Cohen, Geoff Hurst and Roger Hunt.

How many of the England 1966 World Cup team are still alive?

And now there are just three. The death on Monday of Roger Hunt leaves only Sir Geoff Hurst, Sir Bobby Charlton and George Cohen from the team that started the 1966 World Cup final and reinforces the increasingly sad realisation that our greatest football achievement is fading ever further into history.

Which players from 1966 are still alive?

Who is still alive from the England 1966 World Cup team?

  • Bobby Charlton is currently 84 years old.
  • Sir Geoff Hurst – now aged 79 – currently lives in Cheltenham, after a managerial career at Telford United and Chelsea.

Who scored England in 66?

The England squad was led by team captain, central defender Bobby Moore and the winning goals were scored by just two players; Martin Peters and legendary hat-trick hero Geoff Hurst. Hurst sealed England’s victory that day, scoring the two extra-time goals that won England the 1966 World Cup title.

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Who were the players in the 1966 World Cup?


  • Gordon. BANKS. Goalkeeper.
  • George. COHEN. Defender.
  • Ray. WILSON. Defender.
  • Nobby. STILES. Midfield.
  • Jack. CHARLTON. Defender.
  • Bobby. MOORE. Defender.
  • Alan. BALL. Midfield.
  • Jimmy. GREAVES. Forward.

Why did England wear red in 1966?

West Germany made two trips to Wembley, the first of which saw them wearing a change green shirt against England for the first time. However, as it was paired with white shorts and socks, it meant that England were obliged to change their socks to red.

How old is Jeff Hurst?

World Cup winner Sir Bobby Charlton has been diagnosed with dementia. Sir Bobby’s wife, Lady Norma Charlton, confirmed to The Telegraph that the former footballer has been diagnosed with dementia.

How many England 1966 players have died?

It’s awful,” he tells Sky Sports News. Dementia has devastated the Boys of ’66. In total, five members of England’s World Cup-winning team have developed dementia. It’s led to the death of four of them.

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