Often asked: A Lot Of Synonym?

What is a synonym for a lot of?

synonyms for a lot of enough. full. great. heaps. loads.

What can I say instead of a lot?

What follows is a list of alternatives to “a lot.” Consider using these more descriptive words and phrases in your next project.

  • a good deal.
  • a great deal.
  • a large number.
  • ample.
  • a whole heap.
  • an abundance.
  • bunches.
  • copious, copious amount.

What are better words for lots of?


  • considerable.
  • countless.
  • infinite.
  • innumerable.
  • lots of.
  • many.
  • millions.
  • numerous.

What is a fancy word for many?

Words related to many abounding, alive with, bounteous, bountiful, copious, countless, crowded, divers, frequent, innumerable, legion, lousy with, manifold, multifarious, multifold, multiplied, multitudinous, myriad, numberless, numerous.

What is a word for to much?

Synonyms: excessiveness, extravagance, fabulousness, overgoing, overcharge, ever so much, more than can be used, embarras de richesses (French), superfluity, inordinateness, vastness, prodigiousness, immensity, excess, overcompensation, overflowed, overcrowded, excessive.

Is there a space in a lot?

To summarize, there should not be any confusion with the use of a lot and alot. The correct form requires a space–a lot –and the one without space, alot, is not an acceptable word.

What is the meaning of a lot of?

: a large number or amount of (things, people, etc.) A lot of people feel that way.

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Is it alot or a lot?

First thing’s first: “alot” is not a word. If you want to say that someone has a vast number of things, you would say they have “a lot” of things. “A lot” is always two words. “Allot” means to give or apportion something to someone as a share or task.

What do you call a lot of something?

copious. adjective. formal large, or in large amounts.

How do you describe a lot?

The term “a lot” is the opposite of “a little.” As a noun, “lot” means “a large extent,” “a large amount,” or “a large number.” As an adverb, “a lot” means “to a great extent” or “to a great degree.”

How do you say a lot of things?


  1. a lot.
  2. abundance.
  3. agglomeration.
  4. aggregation.
  5. amassment.
  6. assemblage.
  7. bank.
  8. batch.

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