Often asked: Afk Arena Tier List?

What are the best characters in AFK Arena?

AFK Arena Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Units (Tier List)

  • Best Overall Hero – Brutus.
  • Best Supports – Nemora & Tasi.
  • Best Mages – Shemira & Belinda.
  • Best Tanks – Lucius & Seirus.
  • Best Damage Dealer – Athalia & Lyca.
  • Supports – Ferael, Arden, Raine.
  • Mages – Mirael & Isabelle.
  • Tanks – Hogan, Grezhul, Thoran.

What is the best tier in AFK Arena?

4. Which is the best tier in AFK Arena tier list? The best tier is S-Tier. The heroes of this tier are the best and most powerful characters in AFK Arena.

Is marrow a good AFK Arena?

Morrow is arguably the strongest Lightbearer hero in AFK Arena. Although he is categorized as a Hypogean, his lore reveals that he is out for blood in defeating Hypogeans. Morrow would be a good investment for your party, especially since he has tons of damage and a decent amount of crowd control (CC).

Is Belinda good AFK Arena?

Belinda is a strong burst hero with one of the highest crit rates in the game. Her ultimate ability can deal a huge amount of damage in a very short window, which synergies well with heroes such as Raine. She can buff up to 2 allies with attack rating and crit, making her a decent support as well.

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Is Brutus good AFK Arena 2021?

Brutus is one of the strongest heroes in the game. If there was an MVP of AFK Arena, it would be him. Everything about Brutus just synergies really well together. The combination of increased damage at low HP while also being completely immune to everything when receiving a fatal blow is extremely strong.

How good is Safiya?

Safiya can buff the “most forward positioned ally” which is usually a tank on the frontline. This will give that ally an aura that will deal damage to enemies that stand close to them. It also gives them better protection against enemy melee. It’s definitely one of her strong-points.

How do you get joker in AFK arena?

Go to the Dimensionals tab, click on the Exchange option, and you will see the number of resources you need in order to get Joker in AFK Arena. You will need 4,000 hero coins, 4,000 guild coins, 4,000 Labyrinth tokens, or 13,333 Gladiator coins to get one copy of Joker.

Is Raku a good AFK?

With great immunity to control effects, Raku is a versatile hero. He is able to buff his Attack Ratings and Haste.

Is Thoran good AFK?

Hero Guide Thoran is a unique tanking hero for the graveborn faction. His main niche is the ability to self-resurrect once when killed during a battle. He’s stronger against weaker enemies due to his 2nd skill “Domination” that will do more damage to heroes that are either lower level or lower ascension tier than him.

Who is the best healer in AFK?

Nemora. Nemora is widely regarded as the best healer in AFK Arena. She is a proper healer, as three of her four abilities are geared towards healing. She also brings crowd control to the table with her charm ability.

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Is TASI a healer?

She can heal her own allies and buff their Haste as well, making her a great support for any team. Tasi’s ultimate ability “Slumber” briefly makes all enemies fall asleep.

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