Often asked: Beyond: Two Souls?

Is there going to be a Beyond: Two Souls 2?

As part of a Q&A on PlayStation.com, Quantic Dream Co-Founder David Cage revealed that there “is no plan” for a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls, which was recently released on PlayStation 4. No, there is no plan at the moment for a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls.

Is Beyond: Two Souls a true story?

The man behind one of the year’s most anticipated games, Beyond: Two Souls, says there’s a true story – and real actors – behind its dark, spiritual journey. Beyond: Two Souls might just be the movie experience of the year. But you won’t be able to see it in theatres.

Is Beyond: Two Souls a choice?

Share All sharing options for: Beyond: Two Souls’ choice system is ‘implied’ and ‘organic’ Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls will allow players to shape their own game experience through making choices — but they won’t always be aware of when they’re making a choice, according to creative director David Cage.

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What is the story of Beyond: Two Souls?

Plot. Beyond: Two Souls is centered around questions about what happens after death. The player takes Jodie Holmes through 18 years of her life (ages 7-25) on a journey to discover the true nature of Aiden, a disembodied entity and her constant companion throughout the story. See list of chapters.

Is Beyond: Two Souls a sequel to Heavy Rain?

Beyond: Two Souls is a video game developed by Quantic Dream in 2013. It was Quantic Dream’s next game after Heavy Rain, to which it bears some resemblance in terms of gameplay and style.

Who is Aiden Beyond: Two Souls?

Aiden is a character in Beyond: Two Souls. He is an Entity that has been linked to Jodie Holmes since birth. They are connected by an ethereal tether, that can be seen when switching to Aiden’s view. This tether acts as a spiritual link between Jodie and Aiden that keeps Aiden bound to Jodie.

Is Aiden Jodie’s brother?

Aiden (pronounced “Eye-Den”) (born and died on May 10, 1990) is the secondary playable character, and the invisible protagonist of Beyond: Two Souls. He was the son of Jonathan Nichols and Norah Gray, and the twin brother of Jodie Holmes, he died during childbirth, strangled by the umbilical cord.

Who is Jodie Holmes?

Jodie Holmes (born on May 10, 1990) is the primary playable character, and the protagonist of Beyond: Two Souls. The narrative of Beyond: Two Souls follows Jodie through 17 years of her life (24 years old).

Is Beyond: Two Souls related to Detroit become human?

Founded in May 1997, Quantic Dream has developed five video games: The Nomad Soul (1999), Fahrenheit (2005), Heavy Rain (2010), Beyond: Two Souls (2013), and Detroit: Become Human (2018). The company is known for promoting interactive storytelling, with founder David Cage as the primary creative force.

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What happens if you choose life in Beyond: Two Souls?

Choose Beyond at the end, and you will get ending six. Now reload Black Sun a few times to get endings 7, 8, and 9. Now you will have all the endings with everyone dead. The final ending you can get at any time, since it doesn’t matter who is alive or dead as Jodie is the one who dies.

Who is the girl at the end of Beyond: Two Souls?

Zoey (born on December 16, 2011) is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. She is the daughter of an Unnamed Man and Elisa (known as Tuesday).

What happens if Jodie chooses beyond?

If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, she enters an ethereal world where she can become anything she wants. She describes it as infinite space that she’s only explored a speck of it.

How long is Detroit: Become Human?

A single playthrough of Detroit: Become Human will take you approximately 10 hours to beat, depending on how your story branches and how much time you spend exploring. There are a lot of optional interactions in Quantic Dream’s latest, so engaging with these will naturally add to your playtime.

What is the plot of Detroit: Become Human?

Detroit: Become Human depicts a fictional near-future story about a world where humans are served by lifelike androids. It showed us a future where human unemployment was high, and many people had become resentful of the androids. And the sentient androids rebel at being servants, and they launch their own rebellion.

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Who made Detroit: Become Human?

Quantic Dream, developer of Detroit: Become Human, is now in development on its next AAA game, according to a new job listing. Quantic Dream and its founder David Cage have produced narrative, cinematic stories since 1997, but would break out with 2010’s Heavy Rain.

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