Often asked: Dc Animated Movie Universe?

What order should I watch DC animated universe?

Here is the sequential order to watch these movies.

  1. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. What if you woke up in a world that looked like yours, but a little off?
  2. Justice League: War.
  3. Son of Batman.
  4. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.
  5. Batman and Robin.
  6. Batman: Bad Blood.
  7. Justice League Vs.
  8. Justice League Dark.

Is the DC animated movie universe over?

The DC Animated Movie Universe (DCAMU) was an unofficial term used to refer to a series of animated films based on DC Comics’ The New 52, all set within a shared universe. The universe ended its run with the 2020 film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

What is the DC animated movie universe called?

The DC Animated Universe (DCAU; also referred to as the Timmverse or Diniverse by fans ) is a shared universe of superhero-based animated television series, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based on characters that appear in American comic books published by DC Comics.

What’s next for the DC animated movie universe?

The next DC animated movie to go straight to video is Injustice. It’s based on the video games by the same title. The movie will arrive on Blu-ray and streaming on Oct. 17.

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Is Justice League Dark apokolips war the last DC animated movie?

According to ComicBook.com, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War will end the current run in the DC Animated Movie Universe, as the 15th and final film in the continuity, which includes sequels to The Flashpoint Paradox, Son of Batman, and Justice League Dark.

What’s after apokolips war?

With the end of Apokolips War, the next iteration of DC’s animated universe has begun, and the movies coming out of the next year or so have already started to reflect a change in look, tone, and talent. The immediate first film to follow-up Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is Superman: The Man of Tomorrow.

Who killed Yuga Khan?

In other comics such as some New 52 like Infinity Man & The Forever People, Yuga Khan’s death was by the hands of Darkseid and Highfather. As the brothers fought side by side, they slayed their father and in by doing so it was known as the day the New Gods were born.

Will there be any DC animated movies in 2021?

Catwoman: Hunted will release February 8, 2021. For more details, click here. Shortly after the release of Catwoman: Hunted, the Spring of 2022 will see a crossover movie featuring two of TV’s most popular hero groups.

Who survived apokolips war?

Some of the characters that manage to survive are Superman, who has liquid Kryptonite injected into his body; Batman (Jason O’Mara), who gets brainwashed by Darkseid into being his slave, and Raven (Taissa Farmiga), who’s about to lose control and let her father Trigon (John DiMaggio) loose from her mental prison.

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Will there be more Dcamu movies?

In spite of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War being confirmed as the last film in the DCAMU, screenwriter Ernie Altbacker teased the possibility of a new project related to that continuity.

Is Superman Man of Tomorrow the start of a new universe?

It was released on Digital on August 23, 2020, and on Blu-ray, DVD, and on 4K Ultra HD on September 8, 2020. The film chronicles the life of Clark Kent, early in his career as Superman. It is also the start of a new animated universe that is continued in Justice Society: World War II and Batman: The Long Halloween.

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