Often asked: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

Is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles canon?

Despite being a fairly niche entry in the Final Fantasy canon, Crystal Chronicles is getting a remaster that’s set for August 27 and coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

What is the point of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

FINAL FANTASY® CRYSTAL CHRONICLES™ Remastered Edition is an enchanting action RPG that follows a young group, known as the Crystal Caravans, as they embark on an epic journey to search for myrrh, a precious and rare liquid needed to cleanse and maintain a crystal protecting their world from the deadly gas, miasma.

How many Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games are there?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was the firt of a new metaseries of Final Fantasy games called the Crystal Chronicles. There have now been a total of six individual games released since this first release and have been for the Nintendo Gamecube, DS, or Wii.

Is there an ending to Crystal Chronicles?

Your journey in Crystal Chronicles will not end unless you challenge the final dungeon. You may choose to bypass the ending and continue your journey, just by not going to the last dungeon.

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Can you play Crystal Chronicles single player?

You can only really play the game single-player, at least the important part. The village and traveling in the caravan is a purely single-player experience you only get to team up when you dive into the dungeons.

Does Crystal Chronicles have a story?

Story. The story of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is highly non-linear, though there are certain quests which require the player to perform in a particular order to proceed. The main story itself is followed through several in game years. The game takes place in a world covered in a poisonous gas called Miasma.

Do you need Nintendo online for Crystal Chronicles?

Also, for the Switch and PS4 versions of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, you have to have a paid online subscription to play multiplayer. Even if you’re using the lite version of the game, you need either a Nintendo Switch Online Membership or a PlayStation Plus account.

Is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles cross platform?

Combine this with cross-play, and yes, you can absolutely play across Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PS4 to enjoy the game with friends. So if you play the game on your Android device, you can just have your friends download the app themselves so they can join you on your adventure.

Is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles worth playing single player?

Crystal Chronicles’ biggest issue is the same one that plagued the original release: This game is best played alongside friends. The single-player campaign is fun enough, but pretty much every gameplay mechanic is designed to be played with friends. Beyond that, it’s a fun hack-and-slash game to play with friends.

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Can you beat Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

The main campaign of Crystal Chronicles should take you somewhere around 21 hours to complete, which means you could knock it out playing a few hours after work for a week or two. Or, if you’re really ambitious, you could have Crystal Chronicles wrapped up over a long weekend.

Can you play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remastered solo?

It’s a FINAL FANTASY game that’s designed to be played with others. That feeling of camaraderie is amazing, but you’re still playing the game solo. FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES is different.

When did Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles release?

Fifteen games have been released as part of the main (numbered) series. Sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and related video games have been published, as well as numerous titles in other media forms.

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