Often asked: How To Pronounce Bear?

Is beer and bear pronounced the same?

This is actually a really simple question to answer. Beer and beard are pronounced basically the same: beard is like beer with a ‘d’ on the end. Bear is different: it’s pronounced like ‘bare’. The essential difference is that bear uses the monophthong ɛː while beer and beard use the diphthong ɪə.

How do you spell bear phonetically?


  1. [ˈbɛr] IPA.
  2. /bAIR/ phonetic spelling.
  3. [ˈbeə] IPA.
  4. /bEUH/ phonetic spelling.

How do you say bear in Australia?

Break ‘bear’ down into sounds: [BAIR ] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

Is it bare with or bear with?

The verb bare means “to reveal” or “to uncover.” The correct expression, “ bear with me,” means “be patient with me.” The speaker asked the audience to bear with her while she searched for the correct graph.

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