Often asked: Michael Learns To Rock?

Why is it called Michael Learns To Rock?

The name ‘€œMichael Learns To Rock’€ was based on the trend of band names in the 80s and connected to Michael Jackson, the late king of pop. ‘€œWhen we started in 1988, bands like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Johnny Hates Jazz were very popular because they were cool names.

When did Michael Learns To Rock start?

Soren Madsen in 2000 decided that he is to pursue a solo career therefore left the band. The three members then gave themselves the challenge of pursuing a sound different to the previous albums.

Is Michael Learns rock popular?

But have been very popular in India. The Danish pop-rock band will perform Despite the hits they had belted out in the early nineties and the 10 million copies they’ve sold so far, Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) could never really charm Europe or the US. But have been very popular in India.

Who is Michael in Michael Learns To Rock?

Jascha Richter (born 24 June 1963) is a Danish-American singer-songwriter best known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock, where he composes and sings most of their songs.

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