Often asked: The Dark Knight Returns?

Will there be a Dark Knight Returns movie?

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is a two-part direct-to-video animated superhero film, an adaptation of the 1986 comic book The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and is set in the same continuity as Batman: Year One. It is the 15th film of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

Will there be a Dark Knight Returns Part 3?

On April 24, 2015, DC Comics announced that Frank Miller was co-writing a sequel to The Dark Knight Strikes Again with Brian Azzarello titled The Dark Knight III: The Master Race and that it would be an eight-issue limited series and will be the third installment in a trilogy that began with The Dark Knight Returns.

Is The Dark Knight Returns a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight Returns was a non-canon story that takes place years after the official chronology of the comics.

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How old is Bruce Wayne?

His first-ever appearance in the DC Comics came in an issue of Detective Comics published on March 30, 1939, which is now officially recognized as his birthday. In real-world terms, this means that the Caped Crusader just turned 81 years old.

How old is Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Returns?

Plot. The Dark Knight Returns is set in a dystopian version of Gotham City in 1986. Bruce Wayne, aged 55, has given up the mantle of Batman after the death of Jason Todd ten years prior.

Has Batman killed anyone?

Yes, Batman started out in the first comics carrying a gun and regularly killing criminals by shooting them, strangling them, knocking them off buildings, knocking them into vats of acid (not the Joker, but another dude in the first Batman story), pits, etc.

What happened to Alfred in The Dark Knight Returns?

Alfred checked Bruce was still alive before he woke up and suited up as Batman. Alfred helped Bruce put on his armored Batsuit and then set the Manor to self destruct whilst Batman went to fight Superman. Alfred waited outside and watched the Manor explode. As he watched, Alfred had a stroke, collapsed and died.

Who was the dictator for the Dark Knight series?

Bruce Wayne is very dedicated to his work of crime-fighting. He sometimes employs illegal and morally dubious tactics, gaining the moniker “The Dark Knight”, as opposed to Harvey Dent, who fights crime through legal methods as Gotham’s “White Knight” before his transformation into Two-Face.

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Why The Dark Knight Rises is bad?

The Dark Knight Rises remains Christopher Nolan’s worst movie because it isn’t about anything. The film is guilty of overreach in terms of its plotting and themes, so it comes off as bombastic and bloated. It’s not even a bad movie in comparison to The Dark Knight.

Why did Batman and Superman fight in The Dark Knight Returns?

The whole purpose of the fight was ultimately to make the powers-that-be—as well as Superman himself —think that Batman was dead, so he could pursue a secret agenda without further interference. However, Superman realizes the deception during the funeral, upon hearing Batman’s heart re-start.

Is Batman Year One a prequel to The Dark Knight Returns?

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One have been critically-acclaimed since their first published. With one being prequel to the other, fans can easily trace Batman’s evolution between the two stories.

What is the IQ of Bruce Wayne?

Well, it’s time to know how smart Batman is. A trivia published in BuzzFeed states, “Batman’s stated IQ is an unbelievable 192, several notches above the famed theoretical physicist (Albert Einstein), who was estimated to have an IQ between 160 and 180.

Does Batman have superpowers?

Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any superpowers, instead relying on his intellect, fighting skills, and wealth.

How rich is Batman?

Net Worth: $80 Billion Orphaned at a young age, Bruce Wayne inherited his family’s estate, which included multiple businesses, real estate, investments and stocks. With an $80 billion dollar estate behind him, he was able to focus on becoming the Batman and saving Gotham City.

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