Often asked: To The Best Of My Knowledge?

What does to the best of my knowledge mean?

1 —used to say that a person thinks something is true but that there may be something he or she does not know which makes it untrue To the best of his knowledge, no one had called all morning. 2: as truthfully as possible I answered their questions to the best of my knowledge.

How can I use best of my knowledge?

to the best of your knowledge to (the best of) sb’s knowledge. If you say that something is true to your knowledge or to the best of your knowledge, you mean that you believe it to be true but it is possible that you do not know all the facts. Alec never carried a gun to my knowledge.

What is to the best of knowledge?

phrase. If you say that something is true to your knowledge or to the best of your knowledge, you mean that you believe it to be true but it is possible that you do not know all the facts.

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How do you use the phrase to my knowledge?

To-my-knowledge sentence example It has now come to my knowledge that you lent him your carriage for his removal from town, and that you have even accepted papers from him for safe custody. In case of shared significators Moon, otherwise being a co-significator, signifies the querent to my knowledge.

What’s the meaning of to my knowledge?

Definition of ‘to my knowledge’ a. as I understand it. b. as I know. See full dictionary entry for knowledge.

How do you use best believe in a sentence?

best believe in a sentence

  1. Oh yes, you best believe it, I always slay.
  2. You best believe the water suppliers will be looking very carefully at those numbers.
  3. You’d best believe, too.
  4. By now you can best believe that Faith Evans is always going to do the unexpected.

Is to the best of my knowledge and belief?

The term “to the best of my knowledge and belief” is used in affidavits and court documents to indicate that statements being made are not knowingly false. Knowledge is a “justified true belief” (Plato) – i.e., you believe it and there is sufficient evidence or justification to support it.

What is the significance of the phrase to our knowledge?

to (one’s) knowledge Said of that which one knows or understands. A: “Is Janet coming in today?” B: “Not to my knowledge.” To my knowledge, Jack is working a different shift these days. But Jill makes the schedule, so she would know for sure.

Is it correct to say as per?

The choice of which to use (or avoid) is entirely a matter of taste. The more ponderous as per is often found in business and legal prose, or in writing that attempts to adopt a formal tone. It is not incorrect to use, but some find it overly legalistic and counsel avoiding it for that reason.

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What is another way to say for your information?

1 Answer. Yes, “ Please be informed that… ” is correct, as is “For your information”. ‘Please be informed that’ is more polite than ‘This is to inform you that’.

What is the real knowledge?

Real knowledge is knowledge simpliciter plus a set of requirements which guarantee that the truth, belief and justification conditions are not accidentally conjoined. Two of those requirements have received considerable attention in recent literature by the defeasibility theorists and the causal theorists.

What is knowledge of the world?

Knowledge in the world is everything else — external information. People structure their environment i.e. personal desks to provide information for something that needs to be remembered.

What does not to my knowledge mean?

used for answering that you think something is not true, although you are not completely certain. ‘Have the letters been written yet? ‘ ‘Not to my knowledge.

What word means to build knowledge?

Learning is a common word that most often means the act of gaining knowledge.

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