Pewdiepie Vs T Series?

Why is PewDiePie against T-Series?

But behind the scenes, the pair were fighting a legal battle in Delhi’s High Court over diss tracks released by PewDiePie (whose real name is Felix Kjellberg) that mocked T-Series. The two diss tracks have been blocked in India since a court order in April. A judge found them to be “abusive,” “vulgar,” and “racist.”

Will PewDiePie overtake T-Series?

It’s finally happened: PewDiePie no longer has the channel with the most subscribers on YouTube. That title will now belong to T-Series, a channel owned by the largest music production company in India. Or, PewDiePie’s fans might have rallied, as they have in the past, to push him ahead for just a little while longer.

Who won in T-Series vs PewDiePie?

YouTuber PewDiePie and Indian music label T-Series possibly had the biggest internet in 2019. The race for the top YouTube channel which actually started in October 2018 went on till the next year and finally concluded with T-Series bagging the number 1 spot.

Is PewDiePie or T-Series better?

T-Series overtook PewDiePie as the most-subscribed YouTube channel and became the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers. T-Series has held the title of most-viewed YouTube channel since February 2017, and PewDiePie had been the most-subscribed YouTube channel since August 2013.

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What is PewDiePie’s real name?

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is the host of the second-largest YouTube channel ever made, boasting a humongous 107 million subscribers, and currently sits at north of 26 billion views on all of his videos combined.

Is T-Series using a sub bot?

No. It just looks like they do because they have a lot of subscribers. Yeah there was a surge of people getting wifi in India because some company was selling it for cheap. Not really, as they have a lot of people who only watches a new viral song instead of lyrics and stuff, doesn’t mean they use a sub bot.

Is PewDiePie still Number 1?

Since April 14, 2019, T-Series has been the most-subscribed channel, with PewDiePie being the most-subscribed YouTuber. However, PewDiePie currently holds the longest continuous reign of being in the number one spot for 2,050 days (5 years & 7 months), in two different reigns.

Why is PewDiePie so popular?

Pewdiepie is able to capture a widespread demographic because he can grab multiple layers of interest. Despite that, he doesn’t bounce away from his video game niche. In fact he reinvented Minecraft in 2019 and generated bigger views than ever that year.

Who is the King of YouTube?

Shane Dawson is the current undisputed king of YouTube.

Is there a 100 million play button?

The Red Diamond Play Button is a special award by YouTube given to channels who reach 100,000,000 (100 million) subscribers. There are currently only four YouTube channels that have received this award, that being of YouTuber PewDiePie, the Indian music label T-Series, Cocomelon and SET India.

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Did T-Series try to sue PewDiePie?

Number one YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has reportedly settled a lawsuit with Indian production company and record label T-Series, following a legal battle over supposedly ‘racist’ diss tracks made by the Swedish video maker.

Is PewDiePie subscribed to MrBeast?

Yep. To put this into perspective, MrBeast is currently followed by 54 million subs on YouTube while PewDiePie, the second-most subscribed channel on the platform, has close to 110 million subscribers. That’s more than the double subs that PewDiePie enjoys over his non-rival account.

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