Question: As Well As Synonym?

What is the synonym of as well as?

Synonyms for as well as. beside, besides, beyond, over and above.

How do you use as well as?

Answer: The phrase “as well as” means in “addition to” or “and also” in the context of the example that you have mentioned. When “as well as” is used as a conjunction (i.e. in place of “and”), there is no need to use commas before or after the phrase. Moreover, it should always be used with a singular verb.

What does it mean as well as?

(Entry 1 of 2): and in addition: and brave as well as loyal.

Is as well as formal?

“Too” is the most informal but is often the best choice when speaking American English. “As well” is a little more formal than “too ” and less common in American spoken English. Many Americans do use it in writing, however. “Also” is generally more common in writing than speech.

Can I use as well as in essay?

The most important thing to remember when using “such as” and “as well as” in professional writing is that they generally don’t require commas unless they are part of a nonrestrictive clause. Using commas with them might change the meaning of the whole sentence.

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What type of word is as well as?

As well as” is a prepositional phrase that functions like a conjunction.

What is a synonym for Such as?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for such-as, like: for-instance, including, for-example, similarly, to give an example and thus. Words That Rhyme With Orange.

Why do we use as?

We use as to introduce two events happening at the same time. After as with this meaning, we usually use a simple (rather than continuous) form of the verb: As the show increases in popularity, more and more tickets are sold daily. When you get older, moving house gets harder.

What verb is used with as well as?

When we put a verb after as well as, we use the -ing form of the verb. (This might sound really strange to a non-native speaker, but the grammar books agree on this.) Running is healthy as well as making you feel good. He broke the window, as well as destroying the wall.

Where we use as well as?

As well (as) meaning ‘ in addition ‘ We usually use as well at the end of a clause: We look forward very much to seeing you again and to meeting your wife as well. As well as is a multi-word preposition which means ‘in addition to’: She has invited Jill as well as Kate.

How do you use as well as in a sentence?

As-well-as sentence example

  1. I know you as well as I know anyone else.
  2. He could be tender and thoughtful, as well as charming.
  3. Send me men who know this city as well as he does.
  4. This wasn’t going as well as she had planned.
  5. If you knew Mr.
  6. He opened the door to the rooms he knew as well as his cabin.

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