Question: At My Worst Lyrics?

What is the meaning of At My Worst song?

The song, “At My Worst,” is about love. Specifically, having a love for someone even at your worst. Imperfections are something that everyone has their doubts about, including myself.

Who sang the song At My Worst?

I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” This quote is generally misattributed to Marilyn Monroe, but it doesn’t have a verified source.

Is originated a word?

verb (used without object), o·rig·i·nat·ed, o·rig·i·nat·ing. to take its origin or rise; begin; start; arise: The practice originated during the Middle Ages.

What is the meaning of song Beautiful Scars?

Explaining the track, Maximillian says: “I made a lot of bad decisions, hung out with the wrong people and did a lot of things I regret. I literally lived a life on the edge at the age of 13 and “Beautiful Scars” is me facing my life growing up. It’s about how I used to behave and treat people around me.

Is pink sweat$ married?

Personal life. Bowden became engaged to his girlfriend, JL Bunny, in March 2021.

Where is pink sweats from?

Pink Sweat$ and Moira Dela Torre have a joined forces for a heartfelt collaboration. Last week, the Filipino singer-songwriter joined the American hitmaker for a stripped-down performance of ’17’, a track off of Pink Sweat$’ debut album Pink Planet.

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How did pink sweats get famous?

Nicknamed after the attire he became known for wearing in recording studios, Pink Sweat$ is a singer and songwriter who favors sparsely arranged R&B ballads consisting of little more than his voice and guitar. He got into the music industry as a demo vocalist and songwriter at Philly’s historic Sigma Sound Studios.

How old is pink?

When I am asked which celebrity inspires me, I think of Pink! Pink was born on September 8, 1979, which makes her currently 41 years old. She was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She was born with the name Alecia Beth Moore; Pink is just her stage name.

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