Question: Azur Lane Tier List?

What is tier in Azur lane?

Azur Lane’s Community Tier List. Azur Lane Tier List created and supported by Azur Lane Official’s #gameplay-help channel and a bunch of AL veterans from various servers. This tier list ranks the ship’s performance, consistency and usability across the general content.

How old is Prinz Eugen?

The ship was laid down in April 1936, launched in August 1938, and entered service after the outbreak of war, in August 1940. She was named after Prince Eugene of Savoy, an 18th-century general in the service of Austria.

How good is Warspite?

While the Warspite is good at recovering from damage, the Bayern is almost ideally suited to avoiding it in the first place if you can keep yourself angled and aware of incoming threats. Advantages: Nigh impossible to citadel, excellent belt armour and 380mm guns overmatch up to 26mm worth of armour.

Is Azur Lane grindy?

Azur Lane is a bit more casual than Girls Frontline and gameplay is a bit different whereby it’s a “bullet hell” of sorts. A downside would be the PR ships, which are super grindy and would take a casual player months to get just one ship.

Is Belfast good Azur lane?

SSR: Belfast- A ship with decent firepower and torpedo damage, this Light Cruiser is especially good thanks to its ability to generate a damage-mitigating smokescreen in both PvE and PvP.

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Is Hood a good ship Azur lane?

Hood is arguably the best Battlecruiser in the game thanks to her Royal Navy’s Glory skill, which works two-fold: it has a chance to fire another salvo after firing the main artillery guns, which can deal tons of damage.

How do I get Ayanami?


  1. Ayanami is acquired and unlocked for construction by gaining full stars on the “Main Character Team” Collection.
  2. In the JP server, Ayanami replaces Z23 as a starter ship choice.

What is luck in Azur Lane?

Luck: The ship’s Luck stat, influences the ship’s chance of hitting the enemy and avoid the enemy’s attacks as well as her chance to land and avoid Critical Hits.

What are Eagle Union Vanguard ships?

The Eagle Union is a Nation of ships based on the United States Navy during World War II. They are notable for their use of Gunboats, which are Light Cruisers that can equip a Destroyer Main Gun as their secondary gun instead of torpedoes.

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