Question: Blessing Of The Sea?

What is the blessing of the Sea?

Blessing of the Sea (Korean: 용왕님보우하사; RR: Yongwang-nim bouhasa; lit. Protect the King) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Lee So-yeon, Jae Hee, and Jo An. The series aired every Monday to Friday at 19:15 (KST) on MBC.

Where is Blessing of the Sea celebrated?

The Feast of St Lawrence was celebrated at St Lawrence Church in Sinquerim, today where the sea was symbolically blessed and deemed fit for navigation by the priest. The feast is traditionally associated with the end of the monsoons in Goa.

Why do people go in the ocean on the Feast of the Assumption?

We’d go to Mass, but equally important, we’d have to go into the ocean for the “cure.” The tradition reads that Mary, mother of Jesus, puts a cure in the water of the five oceans on this day. It was the only day Aunt Mary would go into the sea, brave the waves, though she’d simply go into her ankles.

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