Question: Conqueror’s Blade: Frontier?

What is Conqueror’s blade frontier?

Conqueror’s Blade is an online tactical action game set in the Middle Ages. As a warlord, you’ll be commanding your medieval troops, while slaying enemies with deadly weapons in epic 15 VS 15 siege battles. In this vast continent, ally, conquer, and become the greatest ruler of the world.

Is Conqueror’s blade a virus?

There is certainly no trojan virus in Conqueror’s Blade, there were several cases of false positives in the past which is the cause for these rumours.

Is Nodachi good Conqueror’s blade?

With good fortune and meticulous timing (and the appropriate skill choices, of course), the Nodachi-armed character can conceivably survive on the front line for as long as there are enemy units to feed their weapon’s lust for blood. The Nodachi specialises in Slashing damage, which generally equates to Strength.

Is Conqueror’s blade a Chinese game?

Conqueror’s Blade is the first game developed by Booming Games, a Chinese development studio based in Hangzhou, China.

How many GB is Conqueror’s blade?

Storage: 25 GB available space.

What can you play Conqueror’s blade on?

Conqueror’s Blade is available on PC. It’s available to download for free from MY. GAMES Store and Steam.

Can you play Conqueror’s blade on Xbox?

Conqueror’s Blade for Xbox One Reviews – Metacritic.

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