Question: Down In The Dumps?

What does it mean to be down in the dumps?

Definition of down in the dumps: feeling very sad I guess I’m just down in the dumps.

Where did the phrase down in the dumps come from?

DOWN IN THE DUMPS – “Someone down in the dumps may momentarily feel ready to be hauled off to the garbage dump, but the ‘dumps’ in the expression derives from the Dutch ‘domp,’ ‘mental haze or dullness,’ or from the German ‘dumpf,’ ‘close, heavy, oppressive, gloomy.

Is down in the dumps an idiom?

Down in the dumps (idiom) Down in the dumps: sad, unhappy, discouraged and/or depressed. Therefore, this idiom describes a person’s sad, depressed and discouraged feelings.

What figurative language is down in the dumps?

Down in the dumps describes being depressed, miserable, melancholy, or unhappy. Someone who is down in the dumps feels deflated, sad, and a bit hopeless. The idiom down in the dumps has been in use since at least the 1700s.

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What does indifferent Mean Mean?

indifferent, unconcerned, incurious, aloof, detached, disinterested mean not showing or feeling interest. indifferent implies neutrality of attitude from lack of inclination, preference, or prejudice.

What means feel blue?

To feel blue means to feel sad. Examples: Since my boyfriend left me I’ve been feeling blue.

What does the term down in the mouth mean?

or down at the mouth. Informal. depressed; unhappy; discouraged.

How do you use down in the dumps in a sentence?

Example Sentences She’s a bit down in the dumps because she’s got to take her exams again. Carl now always remains down in the dumps because of the diabetes. My cat got fever today and she is not playing but feeling down in the dumps. After losing the general election of president, Jack really felt down in the dumps.

What is a conventional way?

Conventional is an adjective for things that are normal, ordinary, and following the accepted way. Ho-hum. This word describes what is typical and ordinary and that which follows accepted standards of behavior or taste.

What is the meaning of down cast?

1: low in spirit: dejected. 2: directed downward with downcast eyes.

What is tickled pink?

: very happy or amused I was tickled pink to see her.

What is is a money pit?

: something that uses up a very large amount of money My house is such a money pit—I’m always paying for repairs on it!

What does to give up the ghost mean?

to stop trying to do something because your efforts have been unsuccessful. Many people have given up the ghost and left the Party. Synonyms and related words. To stop doing something. stop.

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