Question: On The Go Meaning?

What does have on the go mean?

have something on the go ​Definitions and Synonyms phrase​British​informal. DEFINITIONS1. to be involved in doing something, especially something that needs a lot of your time and attention. He has several projects on the go, including another radio series scheduled for late spring.

What is the idiomatic expression of on the go?

be on the go 1. To be in constant or frequent motion or activity. The boss is constantly on the go, so trying to pin her down for meetings can be really tricky sometimes. A: “You’re retired, so why are you always on the go?” B: “Hey, life’s too short to be idle!” 2.

What does on the go with someone mean?

Filters. To date someone regularly and exclusively. The junior high boy shyly asked the girl he had a crush on, “Will you go with me?” To which she replied, “Yes, I’ll go with you.” verb.

What does at a go mean?

: in one attempt: without stopping He managed to finish the work in/at one go.

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Are you always on the go?

If you say that someone is always on the go, you mean that they are always busy and active.

What have you got on the go meaning?

phrase. If you have something on the go, you have started it and are busy doing it.

Is go a phrase?

‘Go. ‘ is a complete sentence. A sentence must have at least one clause that expresses a complete thought.

What does it mean overindulge?

: to indulge (someone, or something) too much: such as. a transitive: to be too permissive with (someone) They overindulged their grandchildren.: to allow (oneself or another person) to have or do something to excess For years he had overindulged himself in food, drink, and finally worry.—

What is a go to girl?

A Go to Girl is someone who gets things done – a person you can rely on when you need help with a project – organizing, downsizing, moving or transitioning into a Senior Living Community.

Is it go to or go too?

To is a preposition with several meanings, including “toward” and “until.” Too is an adverb that can mean “excessively” or “also.” Just to be clear: two is pronounced the same as to and too, but it can’t be used instead of either of them because it’s a number.

What’s your go to meaning?

being a person who can be turned to for expert knowledge, advice, or reliable performance, especially in a crucial situation: He’s our go-to guy in a budget crisis. noting something that can always be relied on to bring satisfaction, success, or good results: my go-to recipe for cheesecake.

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What does Gogo go mean?

informal US Sport. Displaying or characterized by energy, enterprise, etc.; fast, frenetic, energetic.

What is the one go?

in one go: meaning and explanation If you do something all in one go, you do it in one action (without any breaks or without stopping). For example, if you have a long journey to do then you might decide to break it up into a series of smaller journeys instead of doing the entire journey all in one go.

Is it still a go Meaning?

To be going to happen; to be still slated to take place or be carried out.

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