Question: Repco Home Finance Share Price?

Who owns Repco Home Finance?

As of 2014, the shares of the bank are Government of India has 73.33%, repatriates has 21.28% and state governments Tamil Nadu has 2.91%, Andhra Pradesh has 1.73%, Kerala has 0.59% and Karanataka has 0.17%.

Why Repco Home Finance is a good bet?

Repco is focused on providing home loans in tier II and tier III cities with an average ticket size of ~Rs 9.5 lakh. The banks provide reasonable rates to Repco as these loans qualify for priority sector loans for banks. Due to its rural exposure, it also gets low cost refinance from the National Housing Finance(NHF).

How safe is Repco Bank?

Repco Bank has been awarded “Best Digital Bank” and “Best Fraud Control Initiative” among Co-operative Societies in the National Cooperative Banking Summit 2020 held in a virtual meet.

Is Repco bank regulated by RBI?

ADMINISTRATION. The Bank is under the administrative control of FFR Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Govt. of India, the Reserve Bank of India under section 7(1) of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 permitted this Institution to use the word “BANK” by Notification S.O. 626 dated 19.01.

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