Question: Romance Is A Bonus Book?

Does romance is a bonus book have a happy ending?

In the end, Eun-ho facilitates a meeting between Seo-joon and Byeong-jun, and Seo-joon gets to see his father before the Alzheimer’s takes him. The last thing that makes Romance Is a Bonus Book so good are all of Eun-ho and Dan-i’s colleagues at Gyeoroo.

How is romance is a bonus book?

A freelance book designer the publishing company is looking to hire, who also happened to cross paths with Kang Dan-i and later develops feelings for her. He and Cha Eun-ho have a turbulent relationship related to the conspiracy behind famous author Kang Byeong-jun’s retirement and their feelings for Kang Dan-i.

Is romance is a Bonus Book worth watching?

It’s a little scattered, but Romance Is A Bonus Book is worth your time if you want to watch a fun rom-com with some good performances.

How old is Eun Ho in romance is a bonus book?

Romance is a Bonus Book is what Dramabeans (and other sites/viewers) call a “noona romance”. This is because of the age difference between Dan-I and Eun-ho – she’s 37 to his 32 and therefore is his “noona”.

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Do Cha Eun ho and Kang Dan I end up together?

‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ finale review: Eun-ho and Dan-yi get their happy ending as series ends with a bag of mixed feelings. In the finale of ‘Romance is a Bonus Book,’ Cha Eun-ho and Kang Dan-yi’s (Lee Na young) happy ending was expected, and Ji Seo-joon’s (Wi Ha joon) reunion with his father took an unexpected turn

Who does Song Hae Rin end up with?

Song Hae Rin (Jung Yoo Jin) confesses her feelings to Eun Ho but ends up being denied, and Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) had feelings for Dan Yi, but she friend-zones him. So what better option then for these two to end up together, right? It’s an ideal situation and we couldn’t be happier for the two.

Is Gyeoroo publishing real?

However, the use of books is a little different, since the company Gyeoroo Publishing is a fictional company. So the books they publish and are about to publish can’t be real.

How many episodes of romance is a bonus book?

Romance is a Bonus Book features more of a love square than a love triangle, and each member of the square ends up happy in an adorable couple by the end. Kang Dan I is best friends with Chan Eun Ho and has been in love with her for years and years.

What is love is a bonus book about?

Kang Dan-Yi (Lee Na-Young) used to be a popular copywriter, but she is not anymore. She is now broke and unemployed. Even though she tries to find a job, due to her impressive career and excellent educational background, she is unable to find a new job.

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How old is Lee Jong Suk?

How to Watch Romance Is a Bonus Book. Right now you can watch Romance Is a Bonus Book on Netflix.

Who is Mr Kang in romance is a bonus book?

Till now, Netflix show ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ had concentrated on the relationship between Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk) and Kang Dan-yi ( Lee Na-young ). Celebrated author Kang Byeong-jun’s arc took a back seat as Eun-ho and Dan-yi got closer.

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