Question: Star Trek Into Darkness?

Is Star Trek Into Darkness on Netflix?

For fans who want to rewatch Star Trek Into Darkness online, sadly it can’t currently be found on Netflix, Hulu or Prime in the U.S. The film can be rented or purchased through iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, PlayStation Store and other outlets.

Is Star Trek Into Darkness a sequel?

While Star Trek: Into Darkness is a loose remake of Wrath of Khan, it was never supposed to capture the original’s essence; because it couldn’t. I was watching a video recently on the failings of Star Trek: Beyond and how that affected the Star Trek film franchise.

What should I watch before Star Trek Into Darkness?

Just watch Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek into Darkness. Star Trek (2009) is kind of a reboot. It takes place in an alternate reality to the previous films and TV series.

What streaming service is Star Trek Into Darkness?

Right now you can watch Star Trek Into Darkness on Paramount+ or Hulu Plus. You are able to stream Star Trek Into Darkness by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

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Is Star Trek Into Darkness on prime?

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness | Prime Video.

What is the plot of Star Trek Into Darkness?

Shortly after its release, it was voted the worst Trek movie in the canon at a fan convention (below even Galaxy Quest, which, as you’re probably aware, isn’t actually a Star Trek movie).

Where did they film Star Trek Into Darkness?

Filming was done on location in Los Angeles, California, and around the area at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore. Additional locations included Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, and the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

Is Khan a bad guy in Star Trek Into Darkness?

Khan Noonien Singh, also known as John Harrison or simply Khan, is the main antagonist of the 2013 sci-fi action-adventure film Star Trek Into Darkness, the second installment of the rebooted Star Trek film series. He was given a new identity, that of John Harrison, an English Starfleet commander.

How long is Star Trek Into Darkness?

Kirk was brought back from the dead because Kahn’s blood had healing powers. People could use transporters to beam between planets. You’d think that these new technologies would have a major impact on how Starfleet conducts operations going forward.

How do I watch Star Trek in chronological order?

Star Trek Chronological Viewing Order

  1. Star Trek: Enterprise (Year: 2151-2161)
  2. Star Trek: Discovery seasons 1-2 (Year: 2255)
  3. Star Trek: The Original Series (Year: 2265-2269)
  4. Star Trek: The Animated Series (Year: 2269-2270)
  5. The first six Star Trek films (Year: 2273-2293)
  6. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Year: 2364-2370)
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Is Star Trek The Original Series worth watching?

As the first series in the franchise, it focuses more on the science fiction elements of the story. Everyone looking to get into Star Trek should watch the original series because it will provide a great foundation for what follows and introduce you to the characters that are a big part of the overall story.

Do you have to watch the original Star Trek?

No, and if you do you certainly don’t have to watch every episode. You’ll appreciate the movies, particularly the treatment of the Kirk/Spock/McCoy trio, more with some background in the show. No, neither the original cast movies or the reboot movies require previous Trek knowledge, although it doesn’t hurt.

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