Question: Xcom 2 Console Commands?

How do I use console commands in XCOM 2?

For Steam versions, right click on XCOM 2 in your games library, open the general properties tab, and then paste “–allowconsole” (again without quotation marks) in the set launch options box. Once you’re in game simply hit the tilde key (`) in-game and the console should show up (if you did it right).

Does XCOM 2 have console command?

The giveresource console command will give you the resources in the game. But you must have a one particular resource available at your side in order to get the new one. And you are able to provide the number of required resources. 6

Does XCOM 2 have cheat codes?

Thankfully, and just like in the original modern reboot of XCOM, there’s a host of console commands and cheat codes that you can make use of if you’ve hit a total brick wall in your progress.

How do I open the console in XCOM Enemy Within?

Once enabled, the default to activate the Console is the backslash (“”) key.

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How do you beat XCOM 2?

Strategic Tips

  1. Don’t Panic About the Avatar Project.
  2. Panic When You Can’t Win Missions.
  3. Understand the Strategic Map.
  4. Research Armor ASAP.
  5. Keep Your Corpses.
  6. Engineers > Scientists Early.
  7. Build to Your Power Coils.
  8. Armor/Weapon Upgrades Are Permanent.

How do I reduce my avatar progress?

There are three methods that can be used to reduce the progress of the AVATAR Project:

  1. Completing story missions. By completing most of them you will be able to reduce the progress bar of the project by 2 or even 3 segments.
  2. Destroying alien facilities.
  3. Counteracting some of the Dark Events.

What does combat intelligence do in XCOM 2?

Combat Intelligence is a game mechanic for XCOM 2 added in the War of the Chosen expansion. It determines how quickly soldiers earn Ability Points in combat, allowing them to purchase abilities that would normally need to be chosen through promotion.

What is the difference between XCOM 2 and XCOM 2 War of the chosen?

War of the Chosen is the new massive expansion to XCOM 2, and is more of a total overhaul of the base game than a traditional expansion. That’s to be expected. The same could be said for the Civ games’ expansions, or for the wonderful XCOM: Enemy Within expansion. And boy does War of the Chosen add a lot to the game.

Where are the launch options in XCOM 2?

With XCOM 2 installed, right click on the game on your Steam library and select properties. Head over to “Set Launch Options” from the “General” tab and type in “-allowconsole” (exclude quotation marks) and hit “Okay.”

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How do I get more Elerium in XCOM 2?


  1. The main source of Elerium Cores is loot drops.
  2. You can also obtain Elerium Cores as a reward for certain kinds of missions, such as landed UFOs or Supply Raids.
  3. In XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Elerium Cores can be used to revitalize soldiers in the upgraded Infirmary.

How does the character pool work in XCOM 2?

The Character Pool is a section of XCOM 2 where you create custom characters. You can customize their names, appearances and roles. After you’ve made them, they can be exported and shared with friends. You can also import soldiers others have made using this tool.

How do I get more supplies in XCOM 2?

How to Obtain More Supplies

  1. Sell items at the Black Market.
  2. Establish Contacts with regions around the world to raise your regular income from the Resistance.
  3. Many Missions, like Supply Raids and Guerrilla Ops, can offer large amounts of Supplies as rewards.
  4. Clearing Alien Debris from room to construct new Facilities.

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