Question: Xingqiu Genshin Impact Build?

Is Xingqiu good in Genshin Impact?

Xingqiu is a hydro-sword-wielding character who is best suited to a sub DPS role. We recommend using him in a team with Genshin Impact’s Razor, as he can help trigger electro-charged, which will provide some much needed additional physical damage.

Is Xingqiu worth building?

Xingqiu is a passably good healer by using both their Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill. These techniques also grant other benefits like damage reduction and shroud other attacks in the “Wet” status effect. These benefits remain even when you switch characters. Their effectiveness will scale with Xingqiu’s attack.

What is the best sword for Xingqiu?

Sacrificial Sword is the definitive choice for Genshin Impact players seeking to build Xingqiu in a supportive role. Not only does it bolster Elemental Recharge (a stat that’s highly useful for Xingqiu support), but it also has a good chance to reset the cooldown of his Elemental Skill.

Is Xingqiu support or DPS?

In Genshin Impact, Xingqiu is arguably one of the best support characters. Building him correctly can support every kind of DPS and sub DPS characters in close and mid-ranged combats. Here’s a look at the best Xingqiu build in Genshin Impact to get the most out of his top tier support abilities.

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What role is Xingqiu?

Xingqiu can be a reliable source of Hydro reactions thanks to his Elemental Burst ability, while providing useful damage reduction and healing to his party members. At Constellation level 2, he becomes incredible powerful when paired with a Hydro DPS unit.

Is xinyan good Genshin?

Xinyan’s strength lies in her shield that boosts physical damage and her physical-based burst, meaning she is best as a damage-dealer, or as a shielder/support for another physical damage-dealer.

How good is Xingqiu C1?

@Amayamia045 Xingqiu is an amazing support, one of the best in the game. He gives you a shield, passable healing, and extra DPS. C1 Xingqiu is really good, since you get an extra Rain Sword.

Is Xingqiu good with razor?

Xingqui. Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst continuously damage the enemies while raining Hydro on them. This reaction deals damage to multiple enemies while minorly controlling them. Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst also provide protection and healing for Razor.

Why is Xingqiu so good?

Xingqiu is widely considered one of the best and most powerful characters in Genshin Impact because of his ability to deal Hydro damage to enemies. He can serve as a support for the party and become incredibly powerful once he reaches Constellation level 2.

What is Xingqiu scale?

Xingqiu performs an acrobatic upward strike with his sword dealing Hydro Damage on all enemies in front of him. When taking damage, one of the swords absorbs some of it and then shatters. The damage absorption scales as the talent level increases.

Is prototype Rancour good for Xingqiu?

Don’t have an account? hey is the prototype rancour good for xingqiu? Nope not good, go for sacrifical or favonious sword.. Don’t waste resources on rancor if you are using it on xinqui

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