Quick Answer: Baam Tower Of God?

Why is Baam called the 25th?

Twenty-Fifth Baam’s name indicates the 25th day he was born. There are many theories floating around, but the only credible thing at this point is the day or date of his birth.

Who does Baam love in Tower of God?

Rachel: Baam has a deep and complicated relationship with her. They were best friends and he views her as an older sister figure. She was the reason why he entered the Tower in the first place.

Is Bam powerful tower of God?

4 Strongest: Bam Bam is Tower of God’s main character and he’s shown to be a prodigy in the magical art of Shinsu, as well as naturally adept in several other areas. Bam arguably has the most potential in the series and if he learns to perfect his Shinsu skills, he’ll go far. He’s already viewed as a serious threat.

Why is Baam so strong?

Even after being temporarily defeated, Baam only tapped deeper into his dangerous potential and all the power he had accumulated thus far, which resulted in him becoming strong enough to almost entirely dominate White in battle, finally causing White to be concerned of his power and even having to acknowledge that Baam

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Does BAM meet Rachel again?

Season 2 Chapters 144-148: Bam meets Rachel again after almost a decade and Rachel coldly shoots him down when he asked why she did what she did. Bam can’t comprehend what she’s saying, showing some stalker-like tendencies, and then flips out. Season 2 Chapter 240: is a huge one.

Does Rachel hate Baam?

Rachel betrayed Baam because she wanted to reach the top of the tower and see the stars. She desired to become a heroine of her own story. However, Baam’s existence and his insistence on following her foiled her plans. She felt as if Baam had taken everything away from her.

Does Bam like Endorsi?

It is seen by the fandom as the most likely ship to become canon, seeing as Endorsi has already shown signs of a crush on Bam in the manhwa. The ship became popular when many fans started recognizing Endorsi as “best girl” and shipping her with Bam as a result. Endorsi’s promise of a date in S1 C72 fueled the ship.

How old is Baam tog?

His body is as old as the Zahard empire itself, so pretty much he is 10 k old.

Is Rachel an irregular?

Rachel (라헬, Lahel/Rahel; “Rachel”), also known as Michelle Light (미쉘 라이트, Misuel Raiteu; “Michelle Light”) is an Irregular and was Baam’s best and only friend as she was the only one to visit him in his “cave”.

Is Baam an ignition weapon?

While Bam may not yet realize it, the Black March is one of several man-made tools scattered across the Tower, known as Ignition Weapons. Unlike regular swords, Ignition Weapons are fused with a living soul.

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Does Baam get the black march again?

The Last Station Baam receives the Black March from Yuri for a second time. After having ignited Black March once, she seems more confident in using it in combat. She used the Black March and Green April again at the Last Station.

Does Baam beat jahad?

In the end, Baam successfully escape from the hidden floor after Data Eduan eat the reset pill and deleting the whole hidden floor, including Data Zahard.

Is Khun stronger than BAM?

4 BAM: He Has A Very High Combat Skill Level Bam is very good in hand to hand combat, and that makes him a formidable opponent to anyone he might face off with. While Khun is certainly no slouch in this department, he would definitely have his hands full with Bam, whose skills are definitely superior to Khun’s own.

How many thorns does BAM have?

2 thorns, billions of souls, that red thing from FUG, the Red Thryssa, and his sworn enemy…

Who is Charlie Tower of God?

Charlie is the only one among his friends from Second Floor who became a Ranker. He got assigned to the Altar dedicated to conveying Zahard’s Orders because of his outstanding abilities, the details of which are still unknown.

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