Quick Answer: Epic 7 Tier List?

Who is the best character in Epic 7?

The main characters in Group S+ are Arbiter Vildred and Charles. They have got the best skills in the game and are known to be the best characters in Epic Seven. Some characters from Group S are Assassin Cartuja and Cidd. 6

Who is the best DPS in epic seven?

Best PvE DPS

  • Bellona [Ranger / Earth]
  • Luna [Warrior / Ice]
  • Lidica [Ranger / Fire]
  • Arbiter Vildred [Thief / Dark]
  • Ken [Warrior / Fire]
  • Martial Artist Ken [Warrior / Dark]
  • Falconer Kluri [Knight / Earth]
  • Crimson Armin [Knight / Light]

Is jecht good epic seven?

A very good unit but not very popular as he is a three star unit. He comes with auto cleanse of 1 debuff per turn on his passive. He can also apply hit chance decrease debuff on his basic attack and give team speed buff + regen on his third skill.

Is Epic 7 pay to win?

While most Gacha games are not too friendly when it comes to Free to Play, Epic Seven is entirely playable as a F2P player. While progressing through the early stages of the game, the game will be more than generous when it comes to awarding Skystones to players (the game’s premium currency).

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What does EE mean in epic seven?

Exclusive Equipment Review | Epic Seven Wiki – GamePress. Support Us.

Is Judge Kise good?

Judge Kise is a Light-elemental 5★ Warrior with a loaded skillset. She is currently one of the most popular DPS for an AOE comp in high-end Arena Offense.

Is Ruele of light good?

Ruele of Light is very strong and hard to deal with in early to Mid game. She becomes a little niche in late game World Arena, but still very useful in Arena and Guild Wars. Players need very specific team compositions and heroes to counter her and she does not have that many weakness.

Is Bellona a good epic 7 2021?

A decent AoE attacker that is good for newbies. Her skill 3 is an AoE defense break. Her skill 2 is an AoE attack that grants 1 turn immunity. Her basic attack has percent health damage, which is good against bosses.

Is RAM good in epic seven?

Ram – Recommended Artifacts Gives her more utility, gaining more souls for the whole Team to use. A good artifact that increase both hit chance as well as damage, while also increases the chance that her S3 Defense Break hits.

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