Quick Answer: You Raise Me Up Lyrics?

What is the story behind the song You Raise Me Up?

It was created to make the listener truly feel, grasp and believe in their inner spirituality and happiness. Josh Groban was raised observing the Episcopalian religion, a form of christianity and belief in god. The song “You raise me up” convey a strong theme in god and the message of power and strength through faith.

Is You raise me up a hymn?

“You Raise Me Up” is a powerful hymn that can mend our broken hearts and souls. The words and lyrics are strong enough to make us realize how lucky we are to have God beside us.

Who wrote You Raise Me Up lyrics?

So, is Josh Groban married in 2021? No, he is not. The award-winning musician has been in a relationship with several women, but none ended in marriage. He has dated January Jones, Katy Perry, and Kat Dennings.

What is the meaning of Raise Me Up?

1. Literally, to lift or cause someone or something to lift up to a higher position.

How old is Josh Groban?

Since he died in 1929 these lyrics are also in the public domain. Other lyrics have been written to the tune, but none of them are as well known as “Danny Boy”. “You Raise Me Up” (sung by Josh Groban on his album “Closer”) is a different tune, even though large parts of it are very similar to the “Londonderry Air”.

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Does Bette Midler sing You Raise Me Up?

You Raise Me Up by Bette Midler song statistics | setlist.fm.

Does Josh Groban write his own songs?

Josh Groban is a multiplatinum-selling recording artist and songwriter who is known for songs like ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘To Where You Are.

When was You Raise Me Up first written?

‘You Raise Me Up’ was written in 2001, when Norwegian composer, Secret Garden’s Rolf Lovland, approached Graham (who wrote Ireland’s last two Eurovision-winning songs Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids (1994) and The Voice (1996) – with an instrumental piece called ‘Silent Story’ and asked the Irish songwriter to put words to the

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