Readers ask: Alice In Borderland Cast?

Who is the main villain in Alice in Borderland?

Mira Kano is the main antagonist of the 2020 Netflix show Alice in Borderland, based on the manga of the same name. In the series, she is shown to be a high-ranking member of the beach. Only at the very end of the season is she revealed to be a Game Master controlling everything from behind the scenes.

Why did Chishiya betray arisu?

However, Chishiya betrays Arisu just so he could glean the real location of where those cards might be stored. As Arisu is trapped in a room, bound and tied up, Niragi and the other militants take Usagi for their own ill intentions.

Is Alice in Borderland Japanese or Korean?

Robot Communications Inc. Alice in Borderland ( Japanese: 今際の国のアリス, Hepburn: Imawa no Kuni no Arisu) is a 2020 Japanese science fiction suspense-thriller drama streaming television series based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso.

Will there be a season 2 of Alice in Borderland?

It’s official: Season two of Netflix’s hit dystopian live-action thriller series Alice in Borderland is slated for a December 2022 premiere. Netflix Japan announced their upcoming slate for 2022 during the two-day Netflix Japan Festival 2021 in Tokyo on Wednesday, November 10. 3

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Does arisu return to the real world?

After a fight for sanity, Arisu manages to win the game, meaning all players are given the choice between staying in the game for eternity, or leaving for the real world. Arisu and Usagi opt to return to the real world, and the true twist of the Borderland is revealed

How did arisu end up in Borderland?

Rushing through Tokyo under the storm, he is hit by a fallen billboard alongside 5 other people, and they are sent to the Borderland together to participate the Nine of Hearts game.

Did arisu and Usagi end up together?

Eight years after their return from the Borderland (surviving the meteor disaster), the couple has already married and Usagi has changed her name to “Yuzuha Arisu.” When Arisu is returning from a seminar in Shizuoka, Yuzuha is also entering labor and calls Arisu about her status.

Why is Alice called Borderland?

Alice Allusion: The title is a pun of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Arisu is close to the name Alice. The final game of the manga is against the Queen of Hearts in Croquet, where the difficulty is not on the games itself, but the circumstances surrounding it.

Who created the games in Alice in Borderland?

At the end of the series, Mira is uncovered as the apparent game master. Mira is one of the executive members of The Beach, and it emerges at the end that she had worked undercover behind the scene in the games.

How was the Alice shot in Borderlands?

The first episode, which featured Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya Scramble, wasn’t actually shot in Shibuya. Instead, the scene was filmed at a replica of the famous crossing in Tochigi, which was created for filming purposes.

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Where is Alice in Borderland filmed?

Ashikaga Scramble City Studio That’s right, Alice in Borderland achieved the almost-impossible clearing out of the bustling Shibuya Crossing by using this film set located in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture.

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