Readers ask: On-site Meaning?

Whats does on site mean?

phrase. If someone or something is on site, they are in a particular area or group of buildings where people work, study, or stay. It is cheaper to have extra building work done when the builder is on site.

Is on site or on site?

Merriam-Webster (US) does not recognise “onsite” as a word; same goes for the Macquarie Dictionary here in Australia. So it’s either on-site or on site. Q: How can you tell which one? A: You’d typically use the hyphen version, “on-site”, when it’s being used as an adjective or adverb before a noun.

How do you use on site in a sentence?

taking place or located at the site. 1 We’re meeting the builders on-site tomorrow. 2 The office complex has an on-site nursery. 3 Accommodation is provided on-site.

What is on site employee?

On-Site Personnel means all personnel regularly on-Site, including the plant manager and the administrative supervisor, although some On-Site Personnel may be employees or Affiliates of Operator.

Is there a hyphen in on site?

Right now, nearly every dictionary says “off-site” and “on-site” take hyphens. All the dictionaries are unanimous that both words are only adjectives (“We are having an off-site meeting”) or adverbs (“We are having a meeting on-site”). In other words, you can’t have an “off-site” without another noun coming along.

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What does on site parking mean?

On-site airport parking means that the car park is usually adjacent to the airport and doesn’t require transfers to get to the airport terminal as it’s within a short walking distance from the terminal.

How do you use the word site?

Site is most commonly used as a noun to mean “the position or location of something,” especially the exact place where something is, was, or will be located, as in They’ve finally chosen a site for the new school. This sense of the word is used in terms like construction site, campsite, and worksite.

What is the opposite of on site?

Away from a particular site. off-site. off-premises. external. outside.

What is the synonym of site?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for site. set up, situate, stick.

What is an antonym of site?

Antonyms. natural object regular smooth polished slippery fine ironed.

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