Readers ask: The Taking Of Deborah Logan?

Is The Taking of Deborah Logan true story?

Fortunately, The Taking of Deborah Logan makes no such claims. It is not based on a true story, though the filmmakers try (at first) to make it appear like the account of a real person. Spoiler alert (sort of), Deborah Logan is completely fictional.

What was wrong with Deborah Logan?

Mia Medina, Gavin, and Luis arrive to do a documentary about Deborah Logan suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She’s still functioning but her condition seems to be deteriorating. She lives with her daughter Sarah Logan (Anne Ramsay) in an old mansion.

What is the story of The Taking of Deborah Logan?

While Cara is taken away, Sarah sets the bag with Desjardins’ remains on the ground and sets it on fire. With his physical remains destroyed, according to legend, his “spiritual parasite” has been vanquished. The last shots of Sarah comforting her mother, confused but lucid and alive, bring the core drama to a close.

Is there a second part to the taking of Deborah Logan?

After the acquisition of Deborah Logan by Terror Films, the property was given a high profile reintroduction on streaming services and an accompanying Blu-ray release. During the publicity push for the “re-release”, there was no mention of a follow-up.

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Does Deborah Logan have Alzheimer’s?

Plot. Mia, Gavin, and Luis are a team of students who want to create a documentary about Deborah, an elderly woman who has Alzheimer’s disease.

What was the demon in the taking of Deborah Logan?

Debora Logan is the main anti-villain from the The Taking Of Deborah Logan film. She is an elderly woman who was possessed by the spirit of the film’s main antagonist, Henri Desjardins (who was killed by her prior to the film). She was portrayed by Jill Larson.

What horror movie was based on a true story?

“The Exorcist” (1973) Often referred to as the scariest horror movie in history, “The Exorcist” is based on a true story.

Is Henri Desjardins real?

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 14 Feb 1901 to Philias Desjardins and Alexina Daoust. Henri Desjardins had 4 children. He passed away on 7 Jan 1971 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

How scary is the taking of Deborah Logan?

The Taking of Deborah Logan is an incredibly effective scare, with very real horror at its core. Robitel and Heffernan created a film that definitely deserves to be seen for both of those reasons. (Third reason? Jill Larson’s portrayal of Deborah is utterly terrifying.)

Is the taking of Deborah Logan 2019?

Del Toro tweeted: “Shudder’s New Arrivals for September Include the Terrifying ‘Taking of Deborah Logan’.” As well, the first phase of the release will be on Shudder beginning September 30, 2019. Additional platforms will follow, including: iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, TUBI TV, Google Play, Roku and many more.

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Does Netflix have the taking of Deborah Logan?

If you missed the theatrical release of this terrific genre satire from co-writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, who directed, then you’ll want to grab a group of friends and watch it for free on Netflix.

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