Readers ask: Tree Of Savior Class?

How many classes are there in Tree of savior?

Even though there are only 5 Base Classes to choose from when creating a new character, each one can upgrade to several Advanced Classes after Level 15, and even unlock a Hidden Class through a unique quest (or buy for in-game currency / real money)!

Is Tree of Saviour free?

Tree of Savior (also known as TOS) is a free massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by IMC Games. The International version was released through Steam as a Founder’s Early Access game on March 28, 2016, with the game releasing as a free-to-play title on April 28, 2016.

How do you reset classes in Tree of savior?

Find the Reset Helper NPCs in the cities and talk to them. You can choose one of two: receive up to 3,000 Class Change Points or a set of Attribute and Skill Reset Potions (1 of each, 14 Days).

What is the max level in Tree of savior?

1. Max Level expanded to 450.

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How do you get class points in Tree of savior?

Players can earn up to 1,000 points per week and save up to 3,000 points in total by completing various tasks in-game. These points can be consumed for a single Class Change, which costs 1,000 points. Upon Class Change, the players’ class attribute points are reset to be spent again on the new class of choice.

How do you get attribute points in Tree of savior?

– You can also obtain attribute points by purchasing Attribute Points Boxes. – You can also drag attributes to the quick slot to turn the attribute on and off on the fly.

Is Tree of Saviour worth playing?

It is a beautiful game to look at, it has some fantastic looking abilities and utilizes an action combat system that works incredibly well for the type of game it is. Everything looks so high quality and the game generally feels so much better than your average Anime MMO.

How many GB is Tree of savior?

Storage: 32 GB available space. Additional Notes: Joypad available.

Is Tree of Savior on mobile?

Tree of Savior Mobile Remake is a mobile fantasy MMORPG where players begin as one of four classes: Archer, Swordsman, Cleric, or Wizard. -No cross-platform play between PC and mobile.

Can you change classes in Tree of savior?

Players can earn Class Change Points to change their character’s class. – 1,000 Class Change Points will allow you to change one of the chosen classes. – Class Change Points are earned separately for each of the characters in the player’s team and cannot be shared between characters belonging to the same team.

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Can you change base class tree of savior?

Edit: So basically you can’t change base classes. Have to create a new character.

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