Readers ask: Unable To Start Genymotion Virtual Device?

a. Solution 1

  • Open Windows Settings > Network & Internet > Change adapter options.
  • Right-click on VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter.
  • Select Disable.
  • Right-click on the VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter again and Select Enable.


Why my Genymotion is not opening?

Disable the Ethernet connection in Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections. Enable the WiFi connection. Start Genymotion. After starting successfully a Virtual Machine, it is necessary to remove all host-only networks, close genymotion and open it again to make it work.

How do I run a virtual device on Genymotion?

How to Run Android Apps on Windows 10 with Genymotion

  1. Download and Install Genymotion. Download Genymotion Desktop for Windows with VirtualBox from its official link.
  2. Install VirtualBox.
  3. Launch and Activate Genymotion.
  4. Install Virtual Device in Genymotion.
  5. Launch Virtual Device and Run Android Apps on Windows 10.

How do I start Genymotion on VirtualBox?

Start VirtualBox, go to menu File/Preferences menu, go to Network section, select Host-only Networks tab. If you don’t have any adapter defined, then you can create one (as indicated below) or you can ignore step 1 and Genymotion will create it when you try to start the VM.

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How do I start Genymotion emulator?

Setup Genymotion Emulator with Android Studio.

  1. Run Android Studio and go to Files menu.
  2. Out of several options displayed, choose Plugin.
  3. Search for the Genymotion emulator to add it to Android Studio.
  4. Right click on the plugin package and Click Download and Install.
  5. Press the Apply button displaying on the screen.

How do I fix genymotion stuck on starting virtual device?

To solve this:

  1. Make sure that no adb server is running. To kill any running adb servers, you can use the command adb kill-server.
  2. Set Genymotion Desktop to use your third party Android SDK. Please refer to Configuring ADB for details.
  3. If it still does not work, try to reboot the host machine.

Can Genymotion run IOS?

Genymotion is not available for iPhone but there is one alternative with similar functionality. The best iPhone alternative is, which is free. If that doesn’t work for you, our users have ranked more than 10 alternatives to Genymotion, but unfortunately only one is available for iPhone.

Can I run Genymotion without VirtualBox?

1 Answer. Genymotion operation relies on the use of Oracle VM VirtualBox in the background. This enables virtualizing Android operating systems. Your question seems to end in a cirle: Genymotion is a virtualBox based Android Emulator.

What is VirtualBox host only?

A VirtualBox host-only adapter can also function as a DHCP server to assign ip addresses to VirtualBox virtual machines. The host machine (and other virtual machines if any) can then connect to the virtual machines using these ip addresses using ssh or sftp (provided an ssh server is running on the virtual machine).

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Why is my genymotion screen black?

If the emulator freezes or crashes this is likely due to incompatability with your video card driver. If this is likely the case then try disconnecting any vpn services or other software which could be hindering this, and ensuring that genymotion is able to connect to the virtual device over the local network.

How do I download genymotion on Ubuntu?

Once you’re logged in, go to Help > Genymotion Desktop > Fun Zone as marked in the screenshot below. Now, click on Download Genymotion Personal Edition button as marked in the screenshot below. Now, click on Download for Linux (64-bit) button as marked in the screenshot below.

How do I register for Genymotion?

Fill up the form at to create a Cloud account for Genymotion SaaS: The datacenter location defines where you want your virtual devices hosts to be. Make sure to pick the nearest location. You will be able to change it later, in the Administration interface.

Is Genymotion free for personal use?

Genymotion free is for personal use only. You must not share your account with other students, or use Genymotion on a public device such as a school computer.

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