Readers ask: Yet Another Mail Merge?

What does yet another mail merge do?

YAMM is an easy-to-use Mail Merge tool for users unfamiliar with HTML: Replace variables/markers from your email template with names and other information from the spreadsheet. Send automatically personalized emails to your contact list from your spreadsheet.

How do I use yet another mail merge?

This feature can only be used in a Gmail-based email. In order to use YAMM, you will first have to install the add-on. To do that, go to your Gmail account and open a Google Sheet. Then, go to add-ons, look for Yet Another Mail Merge, and install the add-on.

Is it safe to use yet another mail merge?

Yet Another Mail Merge, as an add-on for Google Sheets, is well integrated within Google Workspace apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Drive. In no case the content of your spreadsheets and emails are stored or will be used for any other purposes or shared with any third-party services.

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How many emails can I send with yet another mail merge?

The sending limit for the free version of YAMM is 50 recipients per day. With the Personal plan, you are limited to 400 recipients per 24 hour period from your personal Google account. With a Professional or Team plan, you can send emails to 1500 recipients per day from your Google Workspace account.

Why is YAMM not working?

If you are not able to use YAMM, please try to switch to another web browser. For example, if you are using Google Chrome, switch to Firefox or Safari. If you are logged in with multiple accounts in the same browser session, this can create conflict and cause issues to YAMM.

Can you schedule a YAMM?

Select a date and time for when you want your mail merge to be sent. You can schedule mail merges up to 2 weeks in advance. YAMM can only check your Google sheet every 30 minutes, so your emails might be sent out up to 30 minutes after the time you specified.

How does YAMM work?

YAMM sends an email to your account congratulating you for your first mail merge. You can check the sent emails by opening the Sent folder in Gmail. If you enabled tracking of the mail merge, opening any of the sent emails impacts the Opened number of emails in the Tracking Report.

Does yet another mail merge work with Outlook?

Configure Yet Another Mail Merge to send a mail merge from your Microsoft account. Using a Microsoft email does not limit you to Microsoft Office. Users of the Yet Another Mail Merge add-on can configure their newly connected Microsoft account to be used for emails they send.

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Who owns yet another mail merge?

Yet Another Mail Merge is a product of the Revevol group, a company running several Google apps which takes care of YAMM support. On the other hand, Mailmeteor became the best-rated mail merge addon for Gmail in three years of existence.

Who owns YAMM?

Our Founder I’m Bob Parsons. You may know me from my GoDaddy days. What you may not know is that I’m also a Marine, an entrepreneur, an investor, an American business leader, and a philanthropist. One more thing about me, I have a point of view – and I don’t mind expressing it.

How do I cancel YAMM?

Click Manage plan next to the plan you want to cancel. You are redirected to the Billing page. Click Cancel plan next to the plan you want to cancel. Confirm by clicking Cancel plan.

How can I send more than 500 emails?

How can you send more than 500 emails a day on Gmail?

  1. Multiple accounts. Establish more than one authorized Gmail or Google Workspace account, each with its own limit.
  2. Mass Email Service.
  3. Google Groups.

How much does mailmerge cost?

The cost for mail merging — essentially working with your data and setting it up to print properly — depends upon how many addresses we are going to print; and it decreases as the number of addresses goes up. Mail merge pricing ranges from as much as $0.15 per address (for just a few addresses) to $0.03 each (for many)

What is the limit of YAMM?

With YAMM, you can send at maximum up to 1,500 emails / 24 hours with a Google Workspace account.

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