Tap Titans 2 Guide?

When should I prestige tap Titans 2?

In order to prestige in TT2, you need to reach Sword Master level 600. Most people will get there around stage 100. It’s best to go ahead and do you first prestige immediately after you reach level 600. Make sure you’ve hit Stage 105 though, as it will give you more relics to discover or upgrade artifacts with.

Is Prestige Worth it in tap Titans 2?

As a matter of fact, we would recommend that you don’t prestige until you’ve gone past level 600. You might want to get more artifacts as a result of prestiging, so if you want to do this, wait until your hero level has gone up a bit, complete more levels and kill more bosses, while unlocking more heroes.

What is the max level in tap Titans 2?

The maximum stage cap has now been increased to 4000. With the new MS, the tournament stage rankings have been changed to the following: 1-310. 311-500.

Should you salvage artifacts tap Titans 2?

Cost of Acquiring Artifact Slots Each subsequent artifact that you acquire beyond the first will cost more relics. The more artifacts you wish to equip, the more relics you will need to spend. It would be a good idea to salvage an artifact that you do no want so that the cost to acquire new artifacts is less.

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How many heroes are in tap Titans 2?

There are currently 37 Heroes in the game, each of which gives varying bonuses (called Hero skills) depending on what level they are at. This makes it advantageous to level all heroes, and not just the one dealing the most damage.

What are fire stones used for tap Titans 2?

You collect it to unlock rewards from the event, that’s it there’s nothing else you can do with it. So here if you look at these pictures it will kind of give you an idea. You click on the Firestone on the top left and it will give you a list and you click on the ones once you get enough.

Can you cheat tap Titans 2?

Cheat that is forbidden But things are different in the successor of Tap Titan. The game developers are keeping a check and they won’t let you skip time in order to end your wait. You may even get suspended just because you are trying to skip time.

What is chesterson gold tt2?

The Chesterson Gold bonus increases the amount of gold dropped by Chestersons and fairies, which can lead to increased splash and inactive gold earnings.

Will there be a tap Titans 3?

Titans season three will launch on US screens on 12th August 2021, where it will stream on new home HBO Max.

What should I spend my diamonds on tap Titans 2?

My top 5:

  • 5+25 diamonds for extra cq hit.
  • Pets in shop – all pets to 100, then fluffers, all gold, all damage.
  • Titan chest with shard promo.
  • Respec skill tree during promos.
  • Hero weapon upgrades for highest current hero.
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What does splash damage do in tap Titans 2?

If you have enough splash damage, you can attack a regular titan and splash past a boss with the damage boost that splash damage gives. This can help you progress further than you could normally.

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