Unlicensed Product Microsoft Office 2010?

If your copy of Office Professional Plus shows the message “Unlicensed Product” in its title bar or “Product Activation required” in its Help screen, your installation lacks the proper authorization to run, either because your system administrator unlicensed it or never added it to the subscription account.

How do I fix Microsoft unlicensed product 2010?

Run Office as administrator

  1. Close all Office apps.
  2. Press the Start button in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  3. Type an application name, like Word. The Word program icon appears in the search results.
  4. Right-click the Word icon, and select Run as administrator.
  5. Select Yes to allow Office to run as administrator.

How can I activate Microsoft Office 2010 for free?

Activate Office 2010 online

  1. Click File > Help > Activate Product Key. If you don’t see an Activate Product Key button, your software is already activated, and you don’t need to do anything.
  2. Follow the steps in the Activation Wizard.
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Can I still use Microsoft Office if it is unlicensed?

If you have installed the 30-day trial copy of Microsoft Office, you will be able to use Office for 30 days without any issues. Post that, most of the features of Office will be disabled.

How do I fix Microsoft Office 2010 is not activated?

The Office 2010 Activation Wizard appears when you start an Office program that has not been activated. On the File menu, click Help, and look for the section under the Microsoft Office logo. If “Product is not activated” text appears, click Change.

How do I reactivate my Microsoft Office for free?

How do I reactivate my free Microsoft Office subscription?

  1. Click Sign In. DO NOT select the product key option as there is no product key available to enter.
  2. Enter your full AccessID email address (e.g., [email protected]) and click Next.
  3. Enter your AccessID password. Click Sign in.
  4. Your subscription is now reactivated!

How do I activate Microsoft Office without product key?

Step 1: Go to www.office.com/setup or Microsoft365.com/setup. Step 2: Sign in with your Microsoft account, or create one if you don’t have one. Be sure to remember this account so that you can install or reinstall Office later, without a product key.

Can I download Office 2010 if I have a product key?

To download Office 2010 or 2013, visit this page on Microsoft.com, and enter the product key. You should then be able to download an installer for Office and put it on any Windows system you like. Note that if your license is for only one computer, you should uninstall it on the original PC.

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Will Office 2010 still work after 2020?

Support for Office 2010 ended on October 13, 2020 and there will be no extension and no extended security updates. All of your Office 2010 apps will continue to function. However, you could expose yourself to serious and potentially harmful security risks.

How can I download Microsoft Office for free?

Here’s how to get them:

  1. Go to Office.com.
  2. Log in to your Microsoft account (or create one for free). If you already have a Windows, Skype or Xbox Live login, you have an active Microsoft account.
  3. Select the app you want to use, and save your work in the cloud with OneDrive.

How do I fix Microsoft Office Cannot verify the license for this product?


  1. Right-click Outlook.exe, and then select Troubleshoot compatibility.
  2. Select Troubleshoot Program.
  3. Clear all options, and then click Next.
  4. Select the No, I am done investigating the problem option, and then click Next.
  5. Click Close.

What does unlicensed Microsoft Office mean?

If your Office apps are not opening and showing “Unlicensed Product” or “Non-commercial use/ Unlicensed Product” in the title bar, it means your Office products have been disabled. Once this occurs, you will need to take a few steps to identify the problem and then fix it to reactivate your products.

How do I activate unlicensed Office 2013 for free?

How to: Fix Unlicensed Office 2013 Error

  1. Step 1: Make sure all Office programs are closed. This will ensure the script runs properly.
  2. Step 2: Open the Command Prompt as Administrator.
  3. Step 3: Navigate to the Office Installation folder %ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice15
  4. Step 4: Run “cscript ospp.
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Why is Microsoft Office not activated?

Microsoft Office is configured to activate when you first use it, however sometimes this activation can fail if your time and date are incorrect or you are not connected to an NMU Network. You will need to be connected to an NMU network (Wifi, Ethernet, or LTE) to activate.

What happens if Microsoft Office is not activated?

How can I fix Microsoft Word is not activated?

  1. Make sure you’re covered. Visit your Microsoft services page to check if your plan has expired.
  2. Check your login credentials.
  3. Check for installed versions of Microsoft Office.
  4. Streamline your computers date, time, and time zone settings.
  5. Troubleshoot Microsoft Word.

What happen if not activate Microsoft Office?

One of these happens if Microsoft Office is not activated or licensed: Constant Product Activation Failed messages. Error messages telling you your copy of Word, Excel, might be counterfeit. If you signed up through Office 365, your account is disabled 31-120 days after deactivation.

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